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Jain-INCID Micro-Irrigation Award / Jain-INCID Sookshma Sinchai Puraskar
Sponsor :  Jain Irrigation - Convenor : INCID & Jain Charities
(INCID-The Indian National Committee on Irrigation & Drainage-Agriculture Ministry, GOI)


Background Outline :
Micro Irrigation plays significant role in Water Conservation. Available Water Quantity is reducing day by day.
It is, under such circumstances, imperative that every drop of water is used efficiently and effectively. Different systems of Micro Irrigation help in this effort.
Therefore, their application should spread on large scale all over India. The potential and importance of Micro-Irrigation systems have been recognized by both, the Government of India & State Governments.
Jain Irrigation has pioneered the use
of micro-irrigation system through its fundamental work.
It is spreading the usage of these systems all over the country for the last 15 years by providing the products and integrated service.
INCID, an organ of central Government and Jain Irrigation came together through this common ideology and thus began this award.
Selection Process :
Applications are invited through wide publicity at national level. Selection is done by a Joint Committee of Jain Charities & INCID.

Jain - INCID Micro Irrigation Award.

Nature of Award :

Level           :   National

Amount       :   Rs. 51,000/-

Field            :   Micro - Irrigation

Periodicity   :   Biennial

Since when :   2002-2003

Programme of Award :
To whom     :   Farmer/Farmer Group
When          :  
22nd March, World Water Day

Original Concept of Award by :
Shri Ajit B. Jain & President of INCID

Selection Criteria for Award :

• To prove, through his own experience, increase in production enhancement of product quality, education in expenses and improvement in irrigation technique.

• To achieve increased productivity by effective use of soil, water, fertilizers, nutrients & micro-irrigation system.

• To use physical & chemical treatment for water in micro /sprinkler irrigation.

• To prove the adopted technique to be role model, easily replicable by other farmers.

[Note : Use of only Jain Irrigation products is not obligatory.]


For the year 2007, nominations are invited from interested individual farmers/group of farmers for the JAIN-INCID Sookshma Sinchai Puraskar.


For more details please contact:

Member Secretary, INCID, 2nd Floor, Wing IV, West Block-I, R.K. Puram, New Delhi-110066
Telefax: (91-11) 26182348, E-mail: &

Recipients of Award :

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