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Jains have always believed in doing business with a social conscience. Ever since 1963, they have considered Education, Health, Culture and Environment as the four pillars of society. Their charitable work was institutionalized in 1982 through the Public Charitable Trust named ‘The Jain Foundation’. The Foundation has its roots in rural India. Trustees are natives of villages and, therefore, believe in paying special attention to this neglected class of society.

The Trust is, however, not restricting the activities only for rural upliftment. The principal goals of the Trust are: Advancement of education, provision of medical relief, furthering of rural development & environment, undertaking R&D, promoting sports, games & physical fitness exercises and initiating and supporting projects for the welfare of the society in general.

Over the past decade, the Foundation has dutifully furthered these objectives. These few pages trace and capture some of the events which bear testimony to the endeavors made by the Trust. The occasions catalogued are only symbolic and typical of such countless multifarious happenings taking place - almost every day. It has become a part of our life: social & business.

Bhavarlal Jain
Managing Trustee

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