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Best Banana Producer Award
Sponsor :  Jain Irrigation - Convenor : Jain Charities

Background Outline :
Jain Irrigation and farmer are intimately connected. For the past 25 years, Jain Irrigation is striving with the lofty goal of bringing prosperity to farmer. Tissue Culture is one of the hi-tech agri techniques. For the benefit of farmer in Khandesh, who cultivate Banana on wide scale, Jain Irrigation has been regularly supplying tissue-cultured plants.

Exhibitions are an effective medium for spreading the modern agri-techniques. National Banana Exhibition is a godsent opportunity for banana growers, scientists, processors, exports and customers. They all come together and meet.

Jain Irrigation announced ‘Best Banana Producer Award’ with a view to recognize the hard work of farmer, felicitate him before farming community and encourage other farmers to take up latest agricultural methods in their farms. We believe that such programme will bring awareness amongst farmers & they will be inspired to use hi-tech agricultural practices.

Selection Process :
Entries are invited through wide spread publicity at the time of National Banana Exhibition. A team of Banana expert, life-time devotee for Banana, a farmer recipient of Best Banana award and a representative of farmers select the bunch for the award. A visit to the farm of the competing farmers is conducted.

Nature of Award :
Level           :   National

Amount       :   Rs. 21,000/-

Field            :   Banana Cultivation

Periodicity   :   National Banana Exhibition

Since when :   2000

Programme of Award :

To whom     :   Farmer

Where         :  Exhibition Location

When          :  During Exhibition

Original Concept of Award by :

Shri Bhavarlal Jain

Selection Criteria for Award :

• Minimum 5 competitors.

• Shape and weight of bunch, shaft, remnants of flowers, external appearance.

• Arrangement of, distance between and spread out condition of hoods.

• Length, circumference, colour and maturity of fruit, amount of pulp.

• Uniformity in fruit & hoods. Yield per hectare. Incidence of diseases.

Recipients of Award :
No. Recipient Year

Shri. Suresh G. Marathe, Dhanora, Jalgaon.
Variety : Grand Nain - Bunch 42 Kgs.


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