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Banana Life-Time Achievement Award
Sponsor :  Jain Irrigation - Convenor : Jain Charities


Background Outline :
The Banana export market potential is increasing year after year. Indian climate is suitable for banana cultivation. However, only select varieties are to be cultivated for export purposes. Being ignorant, the hardworking Indian farmer is deprived of this opportunity.
There is ample scope for development of Banana; though the task is not simple or easy. Right from development of suitable variety through cultivation practices, fertilizer / nutrient effectiveness to disease control, the field is wide and challenging.
It is imperative that a farmer is able to see for himself a role model, gets the requisite guidance, help & training, can get useful information about Banana through articles, booklets, handouts and becomes aware of the overall picture. This award is for a herald who has devoted himself for such comprehensive work.

Selection Process :
Such persons are few, search for a deserving candidate, who has chosen ‘Development of Banana’ as lifetime mission, will continue.

Nature of Award :

Level           :   National (?)

Amount       :   Rs. 1,00,000/- (?)

Field            :   Devotion of Banana

Periodicity   :   Uncertain on Findings

Since when :   2000

Programme of Award :
To whom     :   Person
Where         :   ?
When          :   ?

Original Concept of Award by :
Shri Bhavarlal Jain, Chairman, Jain Irrigation

Selection Criteria for Award :

• Banana development as ‘Mission’.

• Innovations in preliminary cultivation & intra-crop cultivation practices.

• Continuing use of banana variety for higher yields.

• Experimentation & trials for enhancing quality, size/shape & productivity of Banana.

• Developing improved agri-techniques of cultivation, fertilizer usage, effective irrigation, nutrient dosage and disease control.

Dialogue with government / non-government establishments during difficult times.

Guidance, help & training to farmers.

Proper knowledge of marketing, processing, export.
Publication of booklets, articles etc.

A farmer to the core, respected owing to rich experience and imprint of work.

Recipients of Award :
No. Recipient Year

Shri. Vasantrao Mahajan,
Chinaval, (Yawal - Jalgaon).


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